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Searching for the elusive St. Charles' Church 07/06/2014
Crowns, Jewels and Royals at Schonbrun Palace 07/06/2014
Wandering around Vienna 06/28/2014
Relaxing in Budapest and (attempting) to leave for Vienna 06/25/2014
A History Lesson during a "Free" Walking Tour of Budapest 06/25/2014
On to Budapest! 06/22/2014
Last day exploring Stockholm 06/22/2014
Back to Flying Solo... 06/22/2014
Finally in Stockholm! 06/22/2014
Barret Values Conference 2014! 06/22/2014
Arrival and Adjustment to Stockholm 06/22/2014
Travel Brain 06/19/2014
Exploring Bonn and gearing up for Berlin! 05/18/2013
Back to Business 05/18/2013
Antwerp, Brussels and a run-in with the Gestapo!?! 05/14/2013
In Bruges! 05/12/2013
First Work Week in the Books! 05/09/2013
Have you ever seen this before? 05/09/2013
A history lesson straight from the source 05/07/2013
Two Day Work Week? 05/01/2013
Adventures on the Autobahn 04/30/2013
Finally made it to Bonn 04/28/2013
Some things change, others stay the same 04/26/2013
Business as usual? 04/25/2013
A journey, not a destination 04/25/2013
Deutschland! 04/24/2013
Last Day in Santorini 09/23/2012
We Rented a Motorbike! 09/23/2012
First Day in Santorini! 09/23/2012
Getting to Studios Markakis on Santorini! 09/23/2012
Last Day in Mainland Greece 09/23/2012
A Day in Nafplion and Side Trip to Epidaurus? 09/23/2012
Olympia, Andritsena and Tolo 09/19/2012
On the Road in Greece! 09/18/2012
Second Day in Athens 09/18/2012
First Day in Athens 09/14/2012
A Dream, Deferred 09/14/2012
Final "Plans" for our trip to Greece and Egypt 09/12/2012
España! 11/26/2010
Last Day in Italy 11/26/2010
Venice 08/08/2010
An Afternoon in Bologna 08/08/2010
Pit Stop in Bologna 08/01/2010
Extra Day in Florence 08/01/2010
It's Raining in Florence 08/01/2010
A note on packing 08/01/2010
Pisa! 07/31/2010
Close Call 07/31/2010
Tourism Hyperspeed 07/31/2010
Ancient Rome 07/31/2010
A Day at the Vatican 07/31/2010
I'm Alive! 07/27/2010
Finally Pasta! 07/27/2010
On the Road Again 07/27/2010
Versailles and Last Minute Trips 07/27/2010
Getting Cultured in Paris 07/27/2010
Getting Acclimated All Over Again 07/27/2010
No I am not French 07/27/2010
Wrapping up Destination #1 07/27/2010
Last Morning in London 07/27/2010
Day 2 in London 07/20/2010
First Night in London 07/19/2010
First Day 07/19/2010
Flight/First Impressions 07/19/2010
Getting to the Airport... 07/18/2010