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On to Rome...the most exhausting vacation I've ever had!

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Late last night I realized I never went to see the statue of liberty which is only about a 15 minute walk from our hotel. So, I woke up an extra 20 minutes early so that I could go check it out really quick. It was actually pretty cool because I got there around dawn and watched the lights turn off on the statue and the Eiffel tower. I took the subway and then got off at the stop where a tram takes you to the airport. The ride was about 8 euros and was all of 6 minutes. What a crime. As far asI know, it was the cheapest way to go. Thanks Arthur! When I got to the airport, I got through security and went to gate 10. The problem was that there was gates 10A through P and it didn’t tell me which to use until about 5 minutes before boarding. It keeps you on your toes but maybe it helps them avoid delays or something. Since I was flying from France to Italy, I wasn’t really sure if the flight attendants were speaking French or Italian so to avoid the trouble, I slept the whole way, haha. At least I had Hunter with me in France and I picked up a few phrases: Je vous dres (Jay Voo Dray) “I would like” and of course Bonjour/bonsua and merci. I don’t know a lick of Italian other than curses (Thanks Laura!). Hopefully Kristine can help a bit in that department since she’s Italian and all. Back when Hunter and I picked this hotel, it was because it was close to the main train station that is the hub for the airport and would be easy to get to. Speaking of rip off, the train from the airport (which is by the Mediterranean) to Rome was like 15 euros ($20ish) but still the cheapest way to go. This time, I at least stayed awake and got to see the country side. There was a lot of poverty, with a few makeshift shacks, but mostly all I saw was a bunch of apartments. As I left the station, I stopped at a grocery store for some bread, tuna and bananas. I don’t have a fridge so there’s not a whole lot else I can buy. I looked for peanut butter, but apparently that’s not a thing here. As I hadn’t eaten since dinner last night (an early dinner at that), I sat down in the station and ate a tuna sandwich and banana. They put their tuna in olive oil here, so I was in desperate need of a napkin and I ran in a café to grab one. I got screamed at in Italian until she realized I had no idea what she was saying so she repeatedly yelled “You can no take.” I wanted to say “Sorry? You want them back? They’re covered in olive oil” but didn’t want to be an asshole American and just said sorry. Apparently, napkins are expensive here. Before leaving the terminal I bought a map of Rome and found where the hotel is, since the guidebook maps are nice for a big picture, but don’t have all the detail you need.

Anyways, when I walked to the hotel only a few blocks away, I felt like I was in Eastern Europe. Though I complained about a little graffiti in Paris, Paris is pristine compared to Rome. There is graffiti on all of the buildings and the streets are full of litter. I can only hope that the Ancient Parts of Rome and the Vatican aren’t as bad. Just before walking in my hotel, a cop stopped me and started talking to me in Italian. He was driving an undercover car so I had no idea what he was saying and I looked at him and then kept walking. He then pulled out his badge and motioned for me to come over and he luckily spoke some English. He asked me where I was from and when I told him, he asked me if I was sure I wasn’t Russian. I was fairly sure, so he kept moving. Is there a short blonde Russian with an arrest warrant? I guess Rome isn’t going to be as safe as London and Paris either. Nevertheless, the hotel room is really quaint. Like the hotel in Paris, they make us give e back our keys every time we leave the building. This one also made me give them my passport in exchange for the key, I guess so that I didn’t go anywhere without giving them the key. Well, it’s about time for Kristine to get in. I’m going to go wander around a bit and get my bearings then hopefully pick her up at the train terminal. Ciao! (Literally the only non curse I know).

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